One of the organizations ASPA has had a long-term relationship with is Arkansas Press Women.

According to their website:

Arkansas Press Women is a non-profit association of professional communicators in journalism, public information, business, education and government. We support each other through professional development, recognition and competition, networking among ourselves and through related organizations, and celebrating our triumphs and disasters together. We support our profession by working to protect First Amendment rights and Freedom of Information laws, adhering to a Code of Ethics and supporting youth activities and education.

We are not all female, and we work in many media—print, broadcast, electronic—as our profession has grown since we were founded in 1949.

Our organization is a state affiliate of the National Federation of Press Women, which gives us access to national educational programs, recognition and competition, as well as opportunities to learn from our peers in other states.

ASPA’s primary and most visible connection to Arkansas Press Women is through their high school journalism contest. ASPA helps distribute information for their contest and allows a representative of APW read the winners at ASPA’s state convention in the spring.

Winners of APW’s state contest go on to compete at the national level in the National Federation of Press Women’s national high school journalism contest. For more information on APW's high school journalism contest, contact:

APW High School Journalism Contest Coordinator
(479) 414-2239



Our Relationship
Arkansas Press Women