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Literary Magazine & Yearbook Entries only

» Failure to complete this form correctly and thoroughly may result in disqualification.

» Include form with entry and full payment for all entries.

» Include a physical copy of your 2018-2019 yearbook or literary magazine.

» Contestants must have an active 2019-2020 ASPA Membership in order to enter any contests.


» All entries must be postmarked on or before October 31, 2019.

» Late entries will NOT be accepted and deadline will NOT be extended.

Contest Entry Fees

» All entries must be accompanied with the $6.00 contest entry fee.

» NEW! We are offering a critique service for literary magazine and yearbook publications. This service will provide all entrants who pay for this additional service with cover-to-cover feedback from judges. (This is a third-party service).

» Return Postage - This charge is only for those who will not be attending the 2020 Spring Convention in Jonesboro on April 14-15. If a designated person is not available to pick-up any mail-ins, awards, etc ASPA reserves the right to withhold all items left until return postage fees are paid.