Ozark Media Arts Festival in Downtown Springdale

Happy Summer Friends,

October 9 and 10 will be the ninth year of Ozark Media Arts Festival in Downtown Springdale. Free to enter your videos and Free to attend!

In the past eight years we have hosted over 8000 attendees, awarded nearly $30,000 worth of prizes to programs and students. Created thousands of connections that lead to hundreds of jobs

Ozark Media Arts Festival is a perfect place to load up a bunch of students start the year off by establishing a baseline, setting expectations and preparing for competition season.

  • Compete against the best in the Midwest.

  • Interact with industry leaders in on-site competitions

  • and industry lead workshops and SO MUCH MORE


This is not just a film festival no no no. Broadcast, film, production, photography, networking, colleges, prizes, etc. This is the biggest digital media festival in the Midwest and it’s free!

Please check out the Ozark Media Arts Festival on all platforms:







Trent Jones
Director of Media

Kristy Cates