Tinker Turns 50! Celebrate with FREE armbands from SPJ

Just reminder that if you want to hand Tinker armbands out to your students this week, please let Jennifer know and she will do our best to get them to you by Friday.

If you want some dropped off or mailed to you, simply email jellis@arkansasonline.com with the following information:

Your group or organization’s name
• The quantity of armbands your group would like
• Contact information, including a mailing address where the armbands can be sent

Also, don’t forget SPJ is working on three bills that will improve journalism education in Arkansas. The Tinker armbands are a perfect way to show support for those efforts as well!

Here’s the handy engagement letter that goes along with the armbands. It also provides information on how to watch the Tinkers live stream from Iowa and their C-SPAN interview on the actual anniversary. 

Kristy Catestinker